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Second Post-Operative Visit Instructions

At your second post-operative visit (usually 6 weeks from your surgical date), Dr. Jawa will show your exercises to continue range of motion of your shoulder. This exercises should be done in sets of 10, 3-5 times daily. Dr. Jawa may also recommend that you discontinue the use of your sling. While these exercise are important to gain range of motion, be sure not to push yourself too quickly. Use pain as your guide and stop when an exercise becomes too painful.


Forward Elevation: Continue to work on lifting your arm in front of you. You may use a wall and “walk up” the wall with your fingertips as displayed to the right.

Forward Elevation

External Rotation: You can gently begin to rotate your arm outwards after your second post-operative appointment. You can use your non- operative arm to help apply light pressure to help you

External Rotation

Internal Rotation: You may also now start to reach behind your back. This is generally the most difficult motion for patients after shoulder replacement

Internal Rotation
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