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First Post-Operative Visit Instructions

At your first post-operative visit (two weeks from your surgical date), Dr. Jawa will show your exercises to begin gentle range of motion of your shoulder. This exercises should be done in sets of 10, 3-5 times daily. Dr. Jawa may also recommend that you remove your sling as much as possible to do activities in front of you. It is important to remember not to rotate your arm to the side any further than seen to the right. You should also be sure to continue to wear your sling while sleeping and when in public

First Post Operative


Begin with you operative shoulder against a wall. Slowly lift your arm in front of you as high as possible. Your shoulder should remain against the wall to prevent you from rotating your shoulder outwards while doing this exercise

First Post Operative Begin

Next, use your other arm to help lift your operative arm gently until you reach resistance. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and slowly release. Your non-operative arm should only be doing approximately 10% of the work

First Post Operative Ten Degree

Your goal by your next post-operative visit should be at least 90° as seen below

First Post Operative Ninty Degree
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